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About us

As a small group of enthusiasts who like to play, but also need to work to be able to play, we sometimes have ideas to just make life easier. The Switch Hauler® is one of those things.

After we started using it, people would ask us  "where can I buy one of those"? So we thought about how we could share this great hitch hauler with everyone. Yes, the Switch Hauler® falls into the catagory of hitch haulers. Unlike your regular hitch hauler, the Switch Hauler® is a modular system to switch out the racks for different needs.  

The idea really started after converting a pickup to a prerunner truck, great for going across the desert at 100mph but not so great for getting toys to places where you want to have fun. So being involved with motorcycles and Jetskis and just living life, you need to take things places. So why wasn't anyone making a system to haul all kinds of things? We don't know either, so we had to make it. Ever try to get a 300 pound Jetski on and off the back of a truck? Then let's design a system that will do the work for us, one that will go up and down. Well, if we are going to make it adapt from jetskis to motorcycles, what about ice chests, generators, just stuff?

What about some of the things we don't like? Nobody likes cheap crap! If we are going to make it, let's make good stuff that's going to last. If you're going to put $10,000 toys on this, it better be well built. Let's incorporate something to keep it from clanking around back there, so we incorporated a "Rattle Reduction Bolt", this snugs up the unit so well to the vehicle you'd almost think it's part of the vehicle. If it's desirable for us, yes the undesirables will be looking to steal it, so we came up with the "Theft Deterrent Tabs" to make it difficult to steal while we are away.

So take a look at some of the features and think about what you can use a Switch Hauler® for!

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