Switch Hauler

108-111 Package

The Switch Hauler™ 108-111   $519.00

This is the most common Switch Hauler™. Slide this into your class III or better hitch revceiver and you've got the beginnings of a great system. The 108-111 package consists of 3 components, the Station, the Rack, and the Foot Peg Restraint Package. This unit is probably the most popular with SUVs. This version we refer to as the "Straight Tongue" version. Typically the hitch receiver on an SUV is not as high off the ground as a truck so you would not want to use the drop version and reduce your ground clearance. When the lifting post is lowered you'll want to be able to have access to the back of your vehicle, so in some cases you'll want the 2" drop tongue. If you install this version on a truck, it's unlikely you will be able to open your tailgate. the top of the Station Frame is approximately 12" higher than the top of the entry to the hitch receiver. While you can always use an adapter, we offer Station assemblies with different drop dimensions to eliminate the adapter.

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Switch Hauler 100 used on F150

With a payload capacity of 300 pounds on the platform, the Switch Hauler™

possibilities go way beyond that of dedicated Hitch Haulers. Expand your capabilities of the Switch Hauler™ with different racks that quickly and easily connect to the Lifting Post with the proprietary Quick Connection Clip.

Whether it's a rack for hauling a job site generator, a large ice chest, or maybe just some extra luggage. 

The Switch Hauler™

108-111 Package

comes with the

Foot Peg Restraints

This Switch Hauler is most common

for use with SUVs. Some SUVs will

require the "3.25" in Drop Tongue" version to allow the back door to open when the Lifting Post is in the down position

Part of the 108-111

Switch Hauler™ Package

is the 12" x 16"

Utility Rack