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All Jacked Up Inc.

Offical Home Of The

Switch Hauler®

Are you ALL JACKED UP? You could be with the new Switch Hauler™ hauling system. The only system designed to adapt to your changing needs.

It's a work day, how are you going to get that heavy generator to the job site?

Install the Switch Hauler® Station with the appropriate rack, strap it on, jack it up, and you're ready to go.  Maybe you just don't have enough room in the SUV

for all the people and toys to take to the lake, use the luggage rack. How about

the Small 12x16 Utility rack with MX peg restraint package to haul your dirt bike

to the track or favorite riding area. Going hunting? You might not be able to

lift a buck in the back of your truck by yourself, use the luggage rack, lower the

rack for loading, jack it up, and problem solved. Check out just how easy it is to

use the Switch Hauler® from All Jacked Up Inc. 


It doesn't get much easier than to get your stuff around than with the Switch Hauler®  from All Jacked Up Inc. With the Switch Hauler you're not limited to the trailer speed limit, a few lanes on the road, or prohibited from the carpool lane. When you would normally have to pull a trailer, mount a Switch Hauler®  on the back and take what you need to where you're going. The Switch Hauler® , being a modular package,  breaks down to a nice, easy to store package when you get home.  After all, who has room in their garage for a big bulky ramp or akwardly configured contraption that doesn't fit anywhere? (Shown next to a weed blower for size visual)

Switch Hauler
The All Jacked Up Inc. Switch Hauler®
Switch Hauler shown next to a weed blower for size perspective
Switch Hauler in storage
Switch Hauler

When we designed the Switch Hauler® , we had some specific goals in mind: versatility, ease of use, quality,

and something we can put away when we don't need it. Under promise and over deliver. In order to do that, a

lot  of field testing was done to make sure the

Switch Hauler® was going to be strong. We believe

we  hit the mark on all goals!

Switch Hauler
Switch Hauler Testing
Field Testing
We know the quality of the Switch Hauler® because we actually make them right here in Southern California. However;  like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. As you can see we take testing seriously!

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